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Oval Gel Electrodes



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Oval Gel Electrodes


Oval medico gel electrodes (MSGLT-05MG – 100pcs pack) with a size of only 4.0 x 3.6 x 0.1 cm for all the BioPotential signal recording like ECG, EMG, EOG, and EEG.

7 in stock (can be backordered)

What is it?

Oval Gel Electrodes are oval medico gel electrodes (MSGLT-05MG – 100pcs pack) with a size of only 4.0 x 3.6 x 0.1 cm. You can use it to record biopotential signals from your body be it from your heart (ECG), brain (EEG), muscles (EMG), or eyes (EOG) by pairing it with any of our BioAmp Cables.

Features and Specifications:

  1. Material: Polyethylene foam & acrylic medical-grade adhesive
  2. Gel Type: Conductive Solid Hydrogel
  3. Snap Connector Material: Stainless Steel
  4. Size: 4.0 x 3.6 x 0.1 cm
  5. Quantity: 100pcs
  6. Latex Free
  7. Usage: Preferred to use the gel electrodes only once and discard them afterward to get the best signal recording
  8. Ultra-low impedance (<100 ohms) promotes rapid baseline stabilization
  9. Electrodes have lift tabs for easy placement and removal
  10. Ag/AgCl adhesive solid gel requires minimal cleanup before applying the electrodes to the body
  11. Excellent results with no post-procedural cleanup
  12. Special gel formulation allows for providing the best possible interface between the body and BioAmp Cable

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