Muscle BioAmp Candy


Muscle BioAmp Candy is a small and affordable MUSCLE SENSOR for precise EMG sensing. It has a bandpass filter of 72 – 720Hz and a fixed gain of x2420.

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What is it?

Muscle BioAmp Candy is a small and affordable MUSCLE SENSOR for precise EMG sensing. It is the SMD version of Muscle BioAmp BisCute.
Bandpass Filter: 72-720Hz
Fixed Gain: x2420

What is included in this?

  1. Muscle BioAmp Candy
  2. Free Accessories Kit

Note: Gel electrodes should only be used once, and discarded afterward – treat them like sterile medical products! Muscle BioAmp Candy comes with 3 electrodes but you can easily buy them online either from us or any other vendor.

Features & Specifications

  • Input Voltage: 3.3 – 30 V
  • Input Impedance: 10^11 Ω
  • Bandpass filter: 72 – 720 Hz
  • Compatible Hardware: Any ADC input
  • BioPotentials: EMG
  • No. of channels: 1
  • Electrodes: 3
  • Wearable: Yes
  • Dimensions: 35 x 15 mm
  • Designed for Use With a Carrier Board: Yes
  • Open Source: Hardware + Software

What is Electromyography (EMG)?

EMG, or electromyography, is a method for detecting, recording, and analyzing the electrical activity of skeletal muscles. It has a wide variety of uses like helping to diagnose neuromuscular diseases or other disorders of motor control.

Why did we make Muscle BioAmp Candy?

EMG devices are typically quite expensive, as they are medical-grade diagnostic devices. But with an affordable EMG sensor like this, you can conduct EMG experiments and collect data for a fraction of the cost of a professional EMG machine.

We want to make neuroscience affordable and accessible to all so that students and researchers get inclined towards neuroscience and explore it by making awesome projects at ease.

Additional information

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  1. Sai Sushanth

    I bought 3 bioamp candy sensors I was working very well. I bought 2 sensors from Amazon but they are scrap. and support from the team is tremendous they even helped me in my final project also

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